Cenk Black Sea Automotive Lines

It was 1993 when Cenk has first met with automotive sector by starting serving international automotive lines with his agency services.

By time the service range given to these lines and their customers, automotive producers, was diversified by cargo surveys, stevedoring and terminal operators. Cenk also had the chance to adapt the operations to international accepted standarts by working with wordwide leader automotive producers.

In 2006, Cenk had a chance to advance its business to a new level. By foundation of Black Sea automotive lines, a fresh breathe was brought to sea automotive lines and has taken its place among the international leaders. 

The line has weekly shipments between port of Derince (Turkey), Ilychevsk (Ukraine) and Constanta (Romania) and is the first Turkish capital automotive sea transport line, as well as the PCC vessel being used in the line, is the first 100% Turkish capital carcarrier vessel..

It is to note that our line serves for passenger automobiles, SUV/jeep type vehicles, light commercial vehicles and palletized or static cargoes that can be operated by forklifts.

Cenk Car

Presently, Cenk not only serves a sea shipment to the customers but also a door-to-door service that includes all logistical processes. By this service scheme the cargo is collected from the first point of delivery by a receipt survey, carried to Derince port and stored in Cenk terminal area that has an area of 30,000 sqm until vessel arrival by doing custom clearance. After discharge from the vessel in Ilychevsk or Constantza, the cargo is carried to final delivery point.

Derince sahalar

Derince port has been the primary automotive port of Turkey by its geographically close position to automotive production facilities in Turkey. In recent years the port has been in line with international automotive standarts by rehabilitation and capacity increase works and became one of the major automotive ports in Black Sea, Marmara, East Mediterrenean region. By this effect Derince port is started to be used as one of the transshipment ports for fareastern produced automotive products.

In this respect the automotive products carried by oceangoing lines are brought to Derince port to be transshipped to Black Sea ports by Cenk Line.

Cenk Black Sea Line has seen a record level of 50,000 vehicles in 2013. Due to geopolitic stress within Black Sea countries witnessed in 2014, the quantities has decreased for this year however it is expected that the conditions will change and new record levels will be reached as from 2015.