About Us


Cenk Group was established by Mr.Y.Attila Yener as ship broker and agency company at 1986.

In 1999, there was need of stevedoring facilities for export/import cargo in addition to agency services. It was because of authorisation complexity and inefficient security system at port areas resulting with high damage to cargoes.

As the first service provider of stevedoring model, the service was presented both to vessel owners and distributers/forwarders. Terminal and stevedoring facilities started at Haydarpasa and continued at Derince port with car terminals and professional staff. Presently, the company serves at Derince port with 32 well trained staff and 30.000 sqm car terminal.

Import and export Rolling cargo is accepted to this terminal only after damage determination handled as per international standards; to wait untill loading or domestic transportation under insurance policy assurance covering theft, hail, fire and third party liability. Cargoes are released against custom and agent’s proved permission records and just before release damage determination is repeated.

Cargoes are given service for loading into vessels’ holds, discharge from vessels’ holds and lashing/unlashing for securing at holds.

Taking into consideration presicion of the automotive industry, complete staff are regulary trained for the reminding of quality standards and to gain consciousness of damage prevention.

Annualy the company serves an average of 140.000 units Rolling cargo with stevedoring, terminal handling, survey, lashing and unlashing.

The company is giving liner service between Derince and Ilyichevsk ports; started at 2006 with ropax “Cenk Y” and continued with the purchase of first Turkish car carrier vessel pcc “Cenk Car” at 2008.

Rolling cargo using Derince/Ilyichevsk regular line are given fast and low cost service at the terminals.



"As a service provider, the significance of our main goal lies the total customer satisfaction wich means mainly a avoiding delays and extra costs,

The discipline and moralities such as honour, devotion, reliability and practicability of Turkish raval traditions leaded our ancestors a glorious seven centuries at seven seas,

We are confident to achieve the required level of qualitified services by matching these high values with the contemporary technological skills."